Daniel "TheHeadSage" S. (theheadsage) wrote,
Daniel "TheHeadSage" S.

Good night sweet server, we knew you well.

Urd is dead. Long Live Urd.

Due to some retarded decisions way back when, my fileserver become slow as shit and it needed help. So, after spending the last month moving over 2TB of data on to other computers, external HDDs and other storage mediums at the incredibly slow speed of 8gb an hour.

So, VMware is removed and Server 2008 is being installed. Then VMware installed on top of that, meaning I can actually use the full potential of my network card.

and in other news, I really like my job. But now I have to write articles for the company blog. What the hell am I going to write about? How I increased apache's performance by learning to love memcache? Or "How not to shit your pants when the RAID controller fails on a mission critical server upon rebooting it"

Hmm.. Recently the number one topic would be "The Idiots Guide to working in a Datacentre (AKA Datacentres are fucking cold and loud.)"
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