Daniel "TheHeadSage" S. (theheadsage) wrote,
Daniel "TheHeadSage" S.

Fuck it.

Re created the domain from scratch. My home network was just too complex to successfully untangle.

'cause here is how it was setup before.

1 Physical server, running Gentoo which pretty much did nothing but run VMware. There was a MySQL log server, but that was never really used. Now, the VMs where where the true clusterfuck starts.

The first VM was the Windows Server 2k3 one, which was the file server, domain controller and DNS for the zone home.internal.local. This server was slow as paint drying when trying to do any sort of file operation that required I/O access. Shit, before I did some tinkering transfering a file between virtual hard disks would grind the server to a halt.

Now, the second VM was your typical linux VM. But the difference was that it was the DHCP server and the DNS server for the .internal.local zone. It delegated home. to the first VM, but otherwise was the authoritative server for the whole network.

So, to preserve the domain while upgrading to 2008, I created a new VM on my desktop, transfered the domain and DNS for home. and everything looked sweet. Then the VM broke.

Nothing was working, as AD tried to update itself to prepare for the move to 2008 and it broke to. So, I tried creating a new Server 2k3 VM to transfer the domain to it. That broke everything else. Including the DNS for the whole .local zone.

So, I just went "fuck it" and re-created the domain from scratch. Lesson learned, don't make your home networks retardedly complex and when it comes time to upgrade them, it'll go smoother.
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