Daniel "TheHeadSage" S. (theheadsage) wrote,
Daniel "TheHeadSage" S.

Recent Happenings.

Got a Trench Coat recently, and it's awesome. Just in time too, as it's getting cold out there.

Things got busy recently, what with having whacked hours at work doing all sorts of out of hours upgrades and spending time writing review papers for Uni, which is now over for the semester.

Managed to take some time off on the Weekend and took my mother & sister to see a preview performance of Avenue Q on Saturday. Incredibly funny stuff, and very educational for Bonnie. (Also makes you think twice about watching that Angel episode "Smile Time")

Also went and saw Geelong kick the shit out of Essendon, much to the displeasure of Twitchy. Made the horrifying discovery that I actually enjoy watching football live, and that I'm looking forward to the Geelong vs St Kilda match in Round 14.

That's about it really.
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