Daniel "TheHeadSage" S. (theheadsage) wrote,
Daniel "TheHeadSage" S.

Minor Updates.

1) Well, Geelong vs St Kilda was awesome. Edge of seat stuff right there. So disappointed that Geelong lost, but it was still a good match. We'll still win the Grand Final though.

2) Tales of Vesperia is so much fun. Yuri is such an awesome protagonist, what with him being a bit of a dick :D Game also looks very nice.

3) Just got a major contract at work. It's going to be a huge challenge that'll test every bit of knowledge that I've got, especially combined with 'ambitious' deadlines. I look forward to the test. Comes with the potential of making a career ending fuckup, but the rewards are well worth the risk.

4) D-ARGH continues to trundle along happily.

5) Love the iPhone. Can't see myself living without it.
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