Daniel "TheHeadSage" S. (theheadsage) wrote,
Daniel "TheHeadSage" S.

The House of HATE

Well, shit just got busy real quick. Just started wrapping up a major project, only to start on the next one and now I've got to get enough done before I take some time off.

I've also finally moved out of my parents place. Utterly amazing I know. The plan was very simple. Just grab two mates and go apply for a nice house. It was an amazing success with us getting the first house we applied for. Which isn't surprising seeing as all three of us work full time in IT, earn bundles of cash and probably won't hold too many drunken parties.

Thus, the HOUSE OF HATE has been born. So, from next weekend I'm a 5 minute walk from South Geelong station, all for about $400 a month in rent.

Awesome stuff.
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