Daniel "TheHeadSage" S. (theheadsage) wrote,
Daniel "TheHeadSage" S.

Manifest X

It's over. I can also say without a doubt that it was one of the better Manifests I've been to. It blew last year out of the water.

But I'm sure other people will be posting about that. I'm looking to talk about what things are like as a committee member.

For people who know me and listen to me, I'm constantly saying that I'll never come back on Committee, I'll never do this, and never do that. Yet, at the AGM, I've signed up again and got some important role again. Why is this?

Well, last night during the final Exec meeting, the answer arrived. It's because at the end of it all, when I finally sat down after doing the final counting, I can say with pride "I helped make this. This is awesome because I worked on it". That's what keeps me coming back, year after year along with working with so many awesome people like Avi, Shadow, Tegan, Tannie, and others.

So once again, I will be returning to committee, I will be holding a position in the exec and I will continue to help make Manifest awesome, because otherwise I derive very little enjoyment from Manifest. After all, I don't watch the screenings (except AMVs), I don't buy stuff in the traders hall and cosplay doesn't really interest me.

As for 2010? Well, there's some exciting stuff going on behind the scenes that's very hush-hush, but this will make Manifest so much better. Trust me, if I'm working on it, it's gonna be awesome.

Finally, here's some fun facts:

1) We cleaned out two banks of all their notes and coins, and forced a third to put through a special order for more, just for us.
2) I've handled enough money to buy a nice house in Geelong.
3) The money raised for charity weighs so much that it takes two people to move it.
4) You can bootstrap the entire convention on $2,497.
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